Video Processor – ACM901

Acamar introduces ACM901 video processor supporting simultaneous 4 channel digital HD-SDI to BT.1120 conversion. ACM901 connects directly to DVR SoC processor, simplifying the HD-SDI DVR system architecture.  ACM901 is programmable and flexible, capable for field upgrade support. 



Features and Benefits

  • Multi-channel processing in one processor
  • Input:
    HD-SDI 1080P, 720P
    Automatic input format detection
    Automatic video re-synchronization
  • Output: 4 ch BT.1120 / BT.656
  • Preview support via HDMI
  • Latency: minimal
  • Seamless connection to DVR SoC chip (ex: Hi3531)
    Standard BT.1120 data interface
    RS-232 /  IIC control interface
  • Programmable processor, field upgrade support
  • Low power consumption


  • Multi-channel HD-SDI DVR
  • Multi-channel HD-SDI video processing

Product Format and Solution Support

  • Product Format:
    Preferred: Chip
    IP license: Binary only
    Customization: Contact us for detail
  • Design In Support: Reference design
  • Maintenance Support: Optional

Product Picture

ACM901 Demo Board

Demo Video