Video Conferencing

The BEYONDVISIONTM high performance image processing core provides ideal video capture solution to meet the real time processing, low latency, low noise capture requirement for enterprise video conferencing. The capability to support exceptional sensitivity extends the application’s operating environment beyond well lit conference room, to common working scenario with much dimmer lighting at work or at home.  Application can choose from Acamar’s wide offerings from 720P to 4K2K, interface from BT.1120, MIPI, SDI to USB3.0 for different project needs.

Here, we highlight unique features Acamar solution support to meet the challenges in enterprise video conferencing application. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Application Requirement
Acamar Solution
ResolutionHD - UltraHDACM500/600/800 family
SensitivityNeed for low light environmentOutstanding low light sensitivity; extends operating environment
Latency Low for real time communicationFast processing, low latency
Frame Rate30fpsSupported
DimensionSmall38x38mm board set
Global ShutterN.A.
InterfaceBT.1120 / USB3.0Supported