UltraHD Camera Module – ACM800

Incorporating modern signal processing technique in the unique Acamar ISP image processing pipeline, Acamar introduces ACM800 family advanced camera modules supporting 10MP+ resolution.  Powered by BEYONDVISIONTM image processing technology,  ACM800 family cameras incorporate image sensor with optical format of 1/1.7″ and 1″+, deliver unprecedented low light sensitivity, wide dynamic range, color fidelity at ultra high definition (ultraHD), yet maintaining compact size and low power, revolutionizing UltraHD video capture.

Acamar’s ACM800 series camera module family supports 1″ and 1/1.7″ optical format,  outputs resolution of 4K2K. It delivers outstanding color low light performance, exceptional HDR performance, vivid color reproduction and fast frame rate.

Two products are released: ACM801 (10MP, 1″) and ACM802 (12MP. 1/1.7″).

Features and Benefits

  • High resolution high speed:
    ACM801:  2160P capture at 60/80fps
  • ACM802:   2160P capture at 50fps
  • Unprecedented low light sensitivity:
    At 0.1Lux,  outputs high fidelity full frame rate color image with high SNR, no motion blur.
    At 1Lux, output maintains the same quality as those under daylight.
    Binned output with super high sensitivity
  • Robust wide dynamic range
  • Vivid color reproduction
  • Excellent contrast under varying light conditions
  • Exceptional high resolution details: 2160P+
  • Image stabilization
  • E-PTZ control with cropped view output
  • Image control API via OSD / RS-232
  • Ultra compact design
  • Low power consumption
  • Flexible host interface support



  • Broadcast video
  • Homeland security
  • High end video conferencing
  • Maritime and aviation
  • Intelligent traffic monitoring
  • Professional video
  • Machine vision industrial monitoring
  • Scientific imaging and diagnostic
  • Microscopy, medical and pathology