A good camera produces usable image and video under all operating conditions. First, we start from the fundamental root cause of these challenges and deploy a holistic method to improve different aspects of image quality from algorithmic point of view. Then, we iteratively refine hardware implementation of these algorithms to achieve real time implementation. After many cycles of iteration, a cost performance optimization solution is derived.

Acamar’s proprietary BEYONDVISIONTM technology uniquely addresses these fundamental issues in image and video processing:

  • Noise level is one of the key indicators of image quality. Image and video captured under low light condition suffers significant quality degradation due to noise. Noise intrinsically exists in every stage of the image pipeline from capture to storage, especially each phase of the image capture process. Noisy video has been a big challenge for compression and transmission over network. Improving signal to noise ratio and preserving signal integrity under low light condition have significant value for applications that routinely operate under dark condition without effective accessory lighting, operations that need to run under dark in covert mode, operations that prefer passive monitoring for a variety of reasons such as product life time, reliability and energy savings.
  • The hardware limitation in image capture and display restricts the achievable dynamic range of a camera. Wide dynamic range scenes are prevalent in our daily life. Mission critical surveillance applications require all data to be maintained faithfully, including those under challenging wide dynamic range settings. Typical examples of application that require WDR are building entry door monitoring and traffic monitoring with bright light and high beam.
  • Color is one of the most distinguished features of an object. Faithful color reproduction under all lighting condition is the ultimate goal of a camera. Yet due to many practical limitations in video surveillance project deployment, color is often sacrificed under low light condition with infrared accessory lighting.
  • Resolution defines the minimum feature size that can be recognized within a scene. The minimum feature size further determines the object that can be recognized. Video surveillance camera has followed the image sensor revolution to migrate into high definition. Effectively recovering and maintaining details in a captured scene is essential to produce evidence worthy video recording

BEYONDVISIONTM, Acamar’s proprietary patent pending image processing technology significantly improves imaging performance from the raw sensor input, enabling the camera to see better than human vision with standard industrial grade image sensor.


  • Sub 0.1Lux color sensitivity at full frame rate video
  • Robust wide dynamic range of 100db+
  • High resolution with fine details and sharpness
  • Vivid color reproduction