Industrial Inspection

The BEYONDVISIONTM high performance image processing core provides ideal industrial inspection solution to meet the requirement for latency, fast frame rate, color reproduction and fine imaging details.

The optimized Acamar processing core supports low latency and fast frame rate video output, critical to industrial inspection applications.   The exceptional low noise and high sensitivity, together with outstanding HDR support empowers Acamar camera to deliver extremely low noise, good color video at full frame rate across wide lighting conditions and extends the operating condition beyond standard settings in industrial inspection applications.  Application can choose from Acamar’s wide offerings from 720P to 4K2K, interface from BT.1120, MIPI, SDI to USB3.0 for different project needs.   The ultraHD / ACM800 family presents a compact, cost effective, high performance solution to 4K2K industrial inspection application.

Here, we highlight unique features Acamar solution support to meet the challenges in industrial inspection application. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Application Requirement
Acamar Solution
ResolutionHD - UltraHDACM500/600/800 family
SensitivityHighOutstanding low light sensitivity supports color video capture of sub 0.1lux
WDRNeededExcellent HDR support of beyond 100dB enables true evidence worthy capture across a wide lighting conditions
Latency Low for real time monitoringFast processing, low latency
Frame RateReal time30/60fps
DimensionSmall38x38mm board set
Global ShutterPer project ACM600 supports global shutter
InterfacePer projectFlexible